About Us

The Concertina Group, makers of REPS brand wheelchair gloves, was begun in 1980 by a U.S. veteran named Jerry Wizowaty. Originally an import/export business, after a few years the company turned its attention to gloves. By 1986, after exhaustive research and development in an Austin, Texas garage, REPS gloves were refined for wheelchair use, and the Veterans Administration became Concertina's most important customer. REPS gloves continue to be made according to the same high standards for materials and workmanship that have distinguished them from the start. The Concertina Group is now located in Ventura, CA, continuing the tradition of quality and service that Jerry Wizowaty established all those years ago. We make REPS gloves in the hope that all users, in all types of chairs, may wear them in good health and mobility with an eye toward outstanding value.

Our shipping rates equate to our traditional policy of charging a flat rate for 10 or fewer pairs of gloves, and free shipping for orders of more than 10 pairs. Questions? repsgloves@gmail.com